1. If you ain’t talking wine I don’t wanna talk.


  2. Anonymous asked: Will you be my girlfriend? Nothing in this world would make me happier then to hear you say you'll be mine.

    Oh my gosh hahha I’m flattered! But I sort of have a crush on a guy in my classes who looks like Peter Pan! And he’s TAKING ME ON A DATE OMG but thanks anon you are kind

  4. winnerchallenged:

    evolution of the queen bee

    long live the alpha bitch


  5. firenzelovegoodthewolf asked: Hey, if possible, can you make like a master post of all the Heathers songs you posted, linking all of them. It's kind of a pain in the ass to try to remember which page it was on and whatnot, even with the heathers musical tag. If it's too much to ask, it's fine, but it's worth a shot, right?


    Act One:

    Act Two:


  6. thoroughly-modern-maddie:

    Anxiously awaits the heathers bootleg….

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    The Ultimate Fitspo | via Tumblr on We Heart It

  9. I don’t need a life that’s normal, that’s way too far away…

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  10. buriaq:


    the only reason i go to school is because i donn’t wanna be an unemployed college drop out. i wanna be an unemployed college graduate 

    thats the spirit

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