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    Cobie Smulders and other celebs read your tweets!

  3. Watch Our Most Beautiful Celebs Read Nice Internet Comments. (x)

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  6. metallikato

    We Californians be like

    “Excuse me but your shirt is fucking gorgeous”

    “Wow thank you very much! My nanna fucking knitted it for me!”  

    “So fucking fetch”

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    “‘Cause it does make it so hard when you’re that age and everyone is being mean to you and you have to go to school everyday and deal with people being mean to you and making you feel like what you say is not important and that you’re not important. ” (x)

  8. yaleadmissions:

    The model of Global Health Corps, which is training its fellows on Yale’s Campus as we speak! 


  9. Elizabeth Glaser, you have moved me beyond words.

    You and your daughters legacy will live on forever. You are a true hero.

    Please read Elizabeth’s novel, In the Absence of Angels. It will open your eyes, move you to tears, and give you hope.


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